3 Things You Do not Know About Moisturizers

Posted for Moisturizers On December 12, 2008


We all know that moisturizers form an integral part of skin care regimens. They keep the skin hydrated which makes it smooth and supple. However, like everything else, there are many facts and beliefs associated with their use. While some are just myths some can be shocking facts. Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about moisturizers:

One Size Doesn’t Fit All – Moisturizers can be inappropriate too

Moisturizing are an essential element of skin care regimens. However, all moisturizers are not good for you. If you have oily skin, you shouldn’t use a heavy greasy moisturizing cream. Likewise, a lightweight gel will hardly do anything for people with dry skin.

Moist Dryness – Moisturizers can dry your skin
It sure sounds like a paradox, but, if you treat your body to extended showers and baths in a bid to keep it hydrated, you may actually cause it to become drier. This is because the skin’s intracellular matrix breaks down and the intrinsic moisture evaporates. Even when you use moisturizers excessively, the same situation arises.

Moisturizing Agents – Not moisturizing enough
Many moisturizers boast of containing natural moisturizing agents like aloe vera, shea butter, milk cream and so on. However, the concentration of these substances may be so low that they should hardly be labled a moisturizer .

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