Are You Applying Your Skin Care Products The Right Way?

Posted for Skin Care On May 16, 2009


Ever wonder why your skin care products don’t work very well for you while they produce amazing results on other women?

It might be something beyond more than just different skin types. It could be the way you use your skin care products. How you apply your skin care products has a significant influence on the results they show. Here are some tips to help you apply your skin care products properly.

Maintain the Frequency of Application

Skin care products usually come with necessary direction on how to use them. You should always know how much and how often to use your products. Be it cleansers, toners or moisturizers… don’t use more thana dime sized amount on your palmsUse evebless with eye creams!

One mistake many women make is to over-apply skin care products hoping to enhance the results. However, using more than what is required will only have negative effects on your skin.

Store the Products Well
Another factor that influences the product quality is where and how you store it. Humidity, sunlight, and environmental pollution affect the products and show on their performance on your skin. Skin care products should be stored in a cool, dry and hygienic place.

Clean Your Face
Make sure you wash your face before you apply your skin care products. It’s useless to put on products if there is dirt and debris in the skin pores..

Use Make-Up Remover
Instead of soap and plain water, use a good quality make-up remover to remove all your make-up before hit the sack. Going to bed with make up on your face will lead to clogged skin pores that further lead to acne inflammations and premature aging.

Avoid Layering Skin Care Products

Applying skin care products one on top of another just end up mixing their active ingredients and rendering them useless. Always apply skin care products first and top it over with a moisturizer and sunscreen.

Apply on Damp Skin
Ideally skin care products should be applied on damp skin. This is because moist and damp skin better allow the active ingredients of the product to penetrate through the skin surface.

Just keep track of these tips and see the efficiency of your skin care products get doubled.

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