Top Products To Keep Skin Healthy During The Summer

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The heat is on. And when temperatures rise outdoors, skin becomes easily dehydrated. And when moisture gets zapped, skin begins to look dry, wrinkly and dull looking.

Skin Care Heaven, an e-commerce store and skin care research center based in Carlsbad have cast their votes in on their top products for summer vacation skin survival.

“When people think summer vacation, beach, or poolside time we often just think sunscreen,” said Skin Care Heaven’s spokesperson. “But there are so many factors which go into keeping our skin luminous and young looking all season long.”
Skin Care Heaven’s guide to having youthful looking skin this summer includes:

*DermaEarth Natural Anti-Aging Starter Skin Care Set: DermaEarth’s Peptidal Activating Serum, EnLighten Cell Brightening Serum, and SugarBerry Skin Resurfacing Cleanser are a great anti-aging shield. This natural skin care starter set helps get rid of sun spots, uneven pigmentation, fines lines, wrinkles and crows feet. It also helps prevent future premature skin aging.

*Obagi Hydrate: The natural ingredient, Hydromanil, is the secret behind this moisturizer along with shea and mango butter.

*Avene Thermal Spring Water: A European answer to boost facial moisture. It soothes, softens, calms, all skin care types and needs.

*Crystal Peel Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Soap Body Bar: Buffs away dull skin and clinically proven to help with stretch marks and cellulite

*Pure Fiji Body Butters and Lotions: Top of the line body moisturizing products that revive dry skin with select and aromatic ingredients such as exotic nuts, passion flower and soy protein.

*Mum + Bub Body Lotions and Ointments: For adults, children and babies, this gentle product line adds moisture to the body while repairing the skin with Australian pawpaw fruit and a light dose of vanilla.

*EltaMD Skincare UV CLEAR SPF 46: a light broad spectrum sunscreen great for sensitive and acne-prone skin. It calms, protects and soothes.

*Revaleskin Natural Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 25 Sunscreen: offers protection from free- radicals, hydrates and brightens skin tone. This featherweight product offers a slight tint to conceal facial blemishes.

“This range of skin care survival picks for the summer gives us all an option of which products meet our lifestyle and skin care needs,” said the spokesperson. “And while you are having fun in the sun, don’t forget to drink plenty of water to rehydrate from head to toe.” said the spokesperson.


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How to keep your hands looking gorgeous during summer vacation

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One of the first signs of premature skin aging is on the hands. While many stay diligent on applying sunscreen, oftentimes than not the tops of the hands are forgotten.

While on summer vacation, don’t forget to give those hands a solar defense.

If hands are not part of the anti-aging skin regimen, then having them exposed to the sun will take its toll.

Skin Care Heaven, a skin care store and research center based in San Diego, offered some tips to help keep hands looking and staying young.

“Whether we are at the beach, poolside, taking a stroll outdoors, or even dining at an outdoor café, we have to apply sunscreen to the tops of our hands,” said the spokesperson from Skin Care Heaven. “If we forget to do this, this delicate
skin will dehydrate, wrinkles will appear and sun spots will begin to emerge.”

The spokesperson added that sunscreen on the hands has to be applied as frequently as on the body. Being extra cautious is a good thing.

“Just like facial products that reverse signs of skin care damage, there are a couple good ones out there that do the same for our hands,” she said. “The first is Jan Marini Age Intervention Hands and the other is Lierac Repair Mains.”

The perks to Jan Marini Age Intervention Hands are:

• Helps with the lessen appearance of sun-damaged hands
• Resurfaces and lightens
• Lessens age spots and freckles
• Rehydrates and smoothes out skin
• Full spectrum sunscreen

A glimpse into Lierac Repair Mains includes:

• Tones and firms skin
• Deep hydration
• Soft and supple hands
• Nourishes hands
• Strengthens nails

“Keeping one step ahead in your anti-aging skin care for your hands will make a world of difference,” said the spokesperson. “We can enjoy fun in the sun without sacrificing youthful and gorgeous looking hands.”


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