Do You Know The Harmful Ingredients In Your Skin Care Products?

Posted for Uncategorized On September 7, 2009


Buying over the counter skin care products is so easy. But have you ever turned that bottle around and glanced through the ingredients list?

Well… If you haven\’t, then probably you would have no clue what is going inside your skin. Although skin care products are applied topically onto the skin, their ingredients will be absorbed in the bloodstream and can potentially impact your system. They might not cause any immediate health problems but in the long run, can be responsible for intense aging and deterioration of your skin quality. Therefore, you should pay utmost attention to the ingredients of your skin care products and avoid using anything that may cause harm to your skin.

Here are some ingredients you need to look out for:

Mineral Oil – Many skin care products use mineral oil as filler. However, it is comedogenic and can clog the skin pores thus leading yo acne inflammations and breakouts.

Fragrances – You may like a pleasant smelling skin care product but the additional synthetic fragrances may just serve to irritate your skin and lead to acne. Also, be care full of products that claim to be “fragrance-less” because they might contain additional chemicals to inhibit the smell.

Parabens – Parabens are preservatives that are added to skin care products to prolong their shelf life. Though trace amounts of parabens cause no harm, be careful of larger quantities. Check the ingredients list of the product and see where the parabens are listed. They are potentially carcinogenic (they can cause cancer) and are very toxic for the skin.

Sodium Laurel Sulfate – This is an irritating detergent used in skin care products to produce foam. However, they can cause your skin to become excessively dry and lead to premature aging.

So, the next time you buy skin care products, make sure you are not buying any of these harmful ingredients.

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