Enemies Of Your Skin!

Posted for Skin Care On November 4, 2008


Effective skin care habits require a lot of dedication and perseverance. There are certain habits that aid in nourishing your skin while there are others lead to its destruction. Here are some potential enemies of your skin that you should seek to avoid.

A couple of drinks after a day’s work may be a stress buster for you. But not so for your skin. The dehydrating effects of alcohol are known to damage the skin intrinsically and cause signs of premature aging. Alcoholics are the first to flaunt wrinkles and fine lines! Moreover, alcohol also causes vasodilation, a process where the blood vessels of the skin dilate and become red and irritated.

Nothing works better to keep you alert during the day than coffee! But excessive caffeine intake can lower the hydration levels of your body put your skin at risk of becoming dry and wrinkled. If you can’t give up your daily caffeine fix, make sure to follow it up with sufficient water intake.

And yeah… Don’t trust the so called coffee flavored energy drinks, because chances are they have higher caffeine content than a regular cup of coffee.

Saturated Fat and Trans Fatty Acids
Be it dairy products, coconut or hydrogenated oils; saturated fats and fatty acids stimulate the production of free radicals that fuel the process of skin aging. These fats are common place in drive-through and junk food stuffs. Excessive intake of these fats may lead to acne inflammations and blemishes

Puffing away on nicotine may lead triggering of the premature aging process too. Nicotine clamps down blood vessels and reduces the supply of Vitamin C in the body!

So, now that you have identified potential harmful habits, you can work towards eliminating them from your routine!

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