How To Care For Sensitive Skin?

Posted for Skin Care On July 8, 2009


If instability is what defines your skin, then you are probably are having a hard time coping with and maintaining your sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin needs the most attention of all skin conditions and it takes a lot of maintenance to put up with it. However, with good care and nourishment, you can not only survive with sensitive skin but make skin care easy!

Sensitive skin is least tolerable to unfavorable conditions, wheather they are environmental or self-inflicted. The slightest change can cause reactions; inflammations, flakiness and discomforts and unsightly conditions that cause you to run for help.

Here are some tips to take care of sensitive skin:

• Use skin care products that are especially formulated for sensitive skin.

• Look and read the instructions and directions on the skin care products. Look for any ingredient you may be allergic to or have had bad experiences with in the past. Select products that are low on preservatives, colorings and other such additives.

• Don’t use alcohol-based toners. Rather, use toners that are specifically formulated and cater to sensitive skin.

• Always wear sunscreen wile venturing out in the sun. Use one that offers broad spectrum protection.

• Avoid exposure to dust and pollutants which irritate sensitive skin.

Use skin care products that are hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic.

• Use mild soaps and cleansers.

• Do not exfoliate excessively. It can cause redness and irritation.

Follow these simple rules and your sensitive skin care will worry you no more!

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