Is Your Make-Up Making You Old?

Posted for Skin Care On October 15, 2008


You’ll be amazed to know that your make-up can either add or even subtract years off your face. It all depends on your choice of make-up formulas and techniques.

As you age, your skin becomes dry and signs of aging begin to surface like wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, etc. It’s natural to make an effort to hide these flaws. This makes facial skin care very essential.However, women often end up doubling the visibility to these flaws instead of minimizing it .

Here are some techniques to better the task…

Avoid applying a heavy coat of foundation, especially matte foundation as it will make your skin drier and highlight wrinkles and fine lines. Rather use a combo of concealer-foundation-loose powder. The concealer corrects spots and pigmentation on the face. Next, use a light reflecting foundation that blends well and has a skin tone consistent with your natural skin around the rest of your neck and body and top it off with an oil free powder.

Things to remember:
• Apply foundation only to those areas that need coverage.
• The color of the foundation should be blend in with your skin tone.

Don’t add layers of color to your eyelids. Stick to neutral shades and give a finishing touch with eyeliner and mascara.

Things to remember:
• Avoid glittery eye shadows as they tend to settle down on the eyelashes.
• Heavy eyeliners can make you look older

Use a lipstick primer before you gab on the lipstick. This will make the lipstick stay on longer and prevent it from melting. Next, line your lips with a lip liner that matches the shade of your lipstick and line the shape of your lips carefully. Fill in lipstick and complete the look.

Things to remember:
• Go for a hydrating formula so your lips don’t get dry
• Use a lip gloss to add more shine to your lips

So… there you are! Its all about knowing how to use your make up that makes all the difference.

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