Keep Jack Frost At Bay Skin Care During Winter!

Posted for Skin Care On December 31, 2008


You know Jack Frost comes knocking when a slight scratch on your skin leaves a white trail behind. Lips become chapped and your face becomes dry and tight.

Winter time spells havoc on the skin. The chilly winds and cool weather rob your skin of moisture and leave it dry and irritated. This is a time your skin needs extreme care and nourishment.

Here are some handy tips that will help you survive through winter.

Cut down on Hot Showers
I know how tempting it is to laze around in a steamy shower room. But as relaxing they are, they strip off your skin’s natural oils leaving it dehydrated.

So just try and cut down your hot water extravaganza and use lukewarm water instead.

Moisturize! Moisturize!
It is an absolute essential during winter months. Immediately after you get out of shower, slather on generous amounts of moisturizer all over your body. This will help you combat the intrinsic dryness of the cool weather. Also make sure to drink lots of water and include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen
A popular misconception among people is that they do not need sunscreen during winter. However, just because sunlight is not as intense as it is during summer, it is not devoid of the harmful UV rays. 80% of sun’s rays penetrate through clouds, snow and fog. So cloudy days harm your skin as well without protection!

Don’t Lick Your Lips
Licking your lips is the easiest way to keep them moist. However, the vicious circle only makes the condition worse. Use a good moisturizing lip balm that also has SPF contents in it and use it around the clock.

There you have it! If you know just the right things to do…. Jack Frost isn’t that evil!

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