Lip Care An Integral Part Of Skin Care

Posted for Lip Care On November 10, 2009


As much as I have seen women paying great attention to their skin care, I have also noticed that many women forget about lip care completely. Applying lipstick or a lip balm or gloss is all that is done.

Lip care is a very integral part of your beauty regimen. Without healthy and good looking lips, even your flawless skin may just fail to create the look you are trying to achieve. The skin on your lips is extremely sensitive and tender and this is why it is highly susceptible to damage by external factors.

The skin of your lips is comprised of three to five cellular layers and is very delicate. Another interesting fact is that lips don\’t have sebaceous glands, therefore they dry out faster and get chapped easily.

Here are some tips to take good care of your lips.

Drink lots of Water
Since the lips do not contain sebaceous glands, it cannot produce sebum to keep them hydrated. As a result, they dry out very easily and are prone to the development of wrinkles. Therefore, make sure you drink sufficient amount of water and keep the skin hydrated. Also, cut down on beverages like coffee and tea. You can even take vitamin E supplements orally.

Quit Smoking
Smoking dries up your lips and also reduces the oxygen supply to the lip skin that provides essential nutrients to the blood cells. Without ample blood flow to the tissues, the lips lose color and become dark and dull.

Exfoliate Regularly
Make sure you use a good lip exfoliating product and scrape off dead skin cells from the surface of the lips. After you are done with the exfoliation process, make sure you slather lip balm on your lips.

Use an SPF-inclusive Lip Balm
When you venture out in the sun, make sure you apply a lip balm that has SPF contents that can protect your lips against the UV rays of the sun.

Spend some time taking care of your lips. Then you can flaunt a supple pout and make heads turn!

So Do Take Good Care Of Your Lips!

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