Miss-Take With Make-up!

Posted for Skin Care On September 15, 2008


Was at a party last night. Sigh… the hangover’s still there. All that glitz and glamour is still fresh. But what still irks me is that some women just don’t get it right. They end up making the very same make-up mistakes time over and over again…

I just can’t wait to enlighten the poor souls.

So here are some very common mistakes women tend to make with their make up.

Foundation mask

Now now now… Foundation is not paint. It is an essential part of your facial skin care. It is used to even out your skin tone, not to make you fair. Women often choose foundation a shade lighter that their skin tone in order to look fair. But that just doesn’t work. After all your neck hands and other décolleté will reveal your true colors ;)

Always choose a foundation that matches your skin tone so that it gives a natural glowing look.

Bling Blotch Blush

Women often look the female versions of Ronald with an overdose of blush. And it is in no way attractive!

The key is knowing how to apply blush correctly. Just look into the mirror and smile, and dab on blush on the apple of your cheeks. For the trendy ones, sweep across some mascara on the corner of your eyes. Pinks and peaches are hot this season!

Unshapely Eyebrows

Your eyebrows can make a world of difference on how you look. Shape them well and you look wow! Ruin the shape and get a foul expression. Often it happens that women don’t pay much attention to their eyebrows, concentrating more on the eye. But you need to realize that your eyebrows can make or ‘break’ the look.

Go to a salon and consult a beautician what shape will look best on your. It can be either arc shaped or round, thin or thick. Once you get them shaped, shade them carefully. Make tiny strokes in the direction of hair growth….

That’s for now… wait till next week as I get you more ways you can go wrong with your eye make-up!

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