A New Year’s Resolution For Beautiful Skin

Posted for Anti AgingBeautySkin Care On January 7, 2012

When thinking of a New Year’s Resolution one item on top of the list is better skin care.  After all, who doesn’t want to look younger?  Like many have discovered over time, New Year’s Resolutions may be easier said than done.

But if better skin care is the goal, then here is an easy-to-follow recipe to make it become a reality.

By the way, Skin Care Heaven in Carlsbad is great place to visit on the web because they offer all the products one needs to reveal more gorgeous skin.

Below are five great steps to achieve this resolution in the New Year.

Step 1: Sunscreen

Literally, sunscreen is one of the most important things to wear when outdoors. And yes, this even includes overcast days because ultra violet rays can still be harmful.

The number one reason for premature aging is the sun. Ultra violet rays is the culprit for fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, large pores, uneven skin tone, and zaps away youthful beauty.  Sunscreen will slow down this aging process.


Sunscreen comes in array of choices for different skin types including those with acne prone skin. These days, sunscreen can be oil-free, silky and featherweight.

Tinted moisturizers, such as Revision, are fantastic because it provides wonderful hydration, offers a hint of color, and shields against harmful rays. It also fights signs of aging with its peptides which shrink pores.

Purchasing a broad spectrum sunscreen is always a wise skin care choice.

Step 2:  Implement A Skin Care Regimen

Having a skin care routine in place is the key to beautiful skin.  This regimen is done both morning and night.  Above all, always remember to remove makeup at night before going to bed.

A good skin care regimen may include:

  • Soap-free facial cleanser
  • Toner
  • Moisturizer
  • Special topical treatments such as anti-aging or anti-acne applications
  • Exfoliator (done about twice a week)

Implementing a sonic skin cleansing system is also a wonderful idea since it renews skin and gets it prepared for better product penetration.

Once a skin care routine is in place it becomes like second nature.

Step 3: Moisturize The Whole Body

Beautiful skin means head to toe luminosity.  Especially in the summer and winter months, don’t forget to apply body lotion or body butter after bathing.  Rub it on when skin is slightly damp for more hydration benefits.

An exfoliator, such as a sugar scrub, is a great addition to slough off dry skin.  Doing this a couple times a week will keep skin soft, supple, and smooth.

Step 4: TLC For The Skin

Here are some other quick tips for the TLC skin care list:

  • Avoid hot baths and showers since this will dehydrate skin.
  • Never tug or pull on skin when cleansing or removing makeup.
  • Pat skin dry and leave some moisture behind for a rehydration boost.

Step 5: Eating Healthy

More than likely eating healthier is on the New Year’s Resolution list, too.  A balanced and nutritious diet won’t only help shed off unwanted pounds but it will do wonders for the skin.  The recommended dietary amount of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and water will leave skin more luminous.

Happy New Year!


Younger Looking Skin With NuFACE Trinity Device

Posted for Anti AgingBeautySkin CareSkin Care Device On January 6, 2012

Well, they did it again.  NuFACE has added another amazing product called NuFACE® Trinity Device to its micro current facial toning menu.  Their new ergonomic design which is FDA approved, invigorates muscles underneath the skin to decrease fine lines and wrinkles.

While it gently takes years off, it also will intensify muscle strength in the face which helps lift and tone slack skin.  And firmer and smoother skin means younger looker skin.

Right now, the San Diego based e-commerce store Skin Care Heaven is offering NuFACE® Trinity at a special holiday discounted rate.

Reviewers are giving a thumbs-up on the new comfortable handheld device.  Everyone loves the fact that they can have a NuFACE treatment in the privacy of their own home; this device is like having your own professional aesthetic clinician.


In less than five minutes a day, NuFACE® Trinity users will see a marked improvement in areas such as:

  • Tighter and supple skin
  • Defined and lifted cheekbones
  • More prominent jaw line area
  • Brow area toned and lifted

NuFACE is describing the Trinity Device as one’s own Pilates trainer for the face and it really is.  This new addition is a sterling non-invasive facial toning treatment and its features include:

  • Simple button controls
  • Interchangeable therapy/treatment heads
  • Modern design
  • Rechargeable battery
  • A skin sensor alert to ensure proper treatment times

Along with the NewFACE® Trinity Device and micro current head, the system also includes a gel primer, charging cradle, manual and tip cards.  Looking young has never been this easy!

NuFace Trinity Instructional Video

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A Year in Review with Skin Care Heaven

Posted for Anti AgingBeautySkin Care On January 6, 2012

How quick time flies. And once again, it’s time to focus on a “Year in Review,” and in this case, one that targets skincare health.

In 2011, DNA repair treatments really began to earn its worth. Critics did their research and found that there are scientific remedies out there which have some merit. It was a prestigious recognition for this company and for those who stand behind the science of DNA repair.

Skin Care Heaven’s serum restores damaged tissue and delays signs of aging. It delivers powerful enzymes and protective antioxidants to moisturize the skin while working hard with its DNA repair and recovery. What all this means it that the serum has the power to repair sun damaged skin while protecting it from future damage. Along with smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines it also fades sun spots.

While different manufacturers use their own DNA repair recipe, the Skin Care Heaven DNA Repair Serum formula use enzymes from plankton that rebuild damaged cells. Once it locates and removes injured tissue, it paves the way for new, healthy tissue to grow in its place.

This enzyme is an extract from Micrococcus luteus which is called Micrococcus lysate. Skin Care Heaven discovered that Micrococcus luteus was a phenomenal UV resistant enzyme which aimed at sun damaged DNA and its recovery.

This advanced technology is also coupled with antioxidants and caffeine.

The antioxidants inside this self-correcting serum are a combination of vitamins A, C, and E which mend damaged skin and protect it against future free radicals. And the caffeine component reduces redness and inflammation.

Being part of the revolutionary science behind DNA repair has been a thrill for Skin Care Heaven, and even more so, because they were recognized by a top tier media publication for their formula.

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Tips To Moisturize During The Winter Months

Posted for Anti AgingBeautyMoisturizersSkin Care On December 5, 2011

Here are some tips to get through the frosty season.

Although a hot bath or shower may seem like the perfect thing to do to warm up, it actually is a bad choice. Hot water can remove skin moisture especially during the wintertime. And every drop of moisture counts. So, the best temperature to keep it at is warm.

After a bath or shower, pat skin gently but leave it a bit damp for a body moisturizer application. Now remember, a body moisturizer is to never be used on the face or neck because it will be too harsh.

Body moisturizers can be found in:

- Butters
- Creams
- Lotions
- Oils
- Ointments

A great product on the market with wonderful hydrating and nourishing properties is Pure Fiji. Their sublime fragrances range from coconut, pineapple, and more. Their formulas come in butters and lotions. For the wintertime, though, it’s a good idea to go with body butters.

When applying a moisturizer over the whole body, don’t forget to include the feet and toes. Those spots are in need of hydration, too.

Great ingredients in body moisturizers may include:

- Aloe Vera
- Cocoa Butter
- Coconut Oil
- Jojoba oil
- Murumuru Butter
- Nut Extracts
- Shea Butter

Now, if extra dryness is noticed, it may be a good idea to exfoliate about once a week in between those moisturizing treatments. Again, Pure Fiji has a wonderful Coconut Sugar Rub.

Make certain the scrub chosen exfoliates gently. Look for essential oils and gentle extracts to nourish the skin. Exfoliating will get the skin prepared for better moisturizer penetration.

For the face, look for a product that not only hydrates but also offers antioxidant benefits to fight free radicals. Revaleskin Intense Recovery Treatment falls under this category because it does moisturize severely dry skin while offering it a boost of nourishment from its Coffee Berry ingredient.

Find peptide products that promote the stop of trans-epidermal water loss otherwise known as TEWL.

Other great facial formulas are:

- Ceramides
- Liposomes
- Pro-Niacin
- Sodium hyalurnate
Aside from adding moisture back into the skin, also look for benefits such as lessening fine lines and wrinkles, reducing redness, and even out skin tone. A moisturizer that can do more than one thing is definitely a keeper.

Although this last tip is not a moisturizer it is well worth the mention. Find a hydrating facial mist to quench skin thirst any time of the day. Generally, these bottles are small and can fit easily into a handbag. Top formulas are myrrh, chamomile, olive leaf extract and grape seed extract.

With these wintertime tips, skin will have a host of possibilities for supple and soft skin even through chilliest of times.

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Tips To Treat Oily Skin

Posted for Anti AgingOily SkinSkin Care On September 10, 2011

Dealing with oily skin doesn’t have to be a daily battle. Yes, it’s a hassle to see oil reappear only a few hours after you wash your face, but do realize that there are some great products and tips out there to help make living with oily skin easier than ever.

You’ll notice soon enough that some simple twists to a beauty routine can help reduce oil buildup.

Normal oil production offers hydrating properties to help keep skin wrinkle-free. But too much of it, as we all know, can cause acne.

So, the first step to battle oily skin is to choose the right cleanser. If possible, try and wash your face at least twice a day.

One type of emerging cleanser that is a favorite for oily skin contains botanical extracts. Skin care professionals actually like how it decreases oil production without drying out the skin. It really is the best of both worlds.

Dermalogica Clean Start Wash Off not only has these botanical extracts, but it clears oil deep within the pores which cause acne breakouts. This Dermalogica skin care product also has salicylic acid which helps decrease acne. Its licorice extract calms the skin and reduces potential inflammation or irritation oily skin can bring.

While the goal for a cleanser is to remove oil, please be sure you don’t totally dry out your skin.

Next, is finding the right toner. A toner is an important part of your skin care system because it balances your skin’s pH after a wash and soaks up excess oil, too.

Many toner users really like Obagi Nu-Derm Toner. This Obagi line contains a blend of natural ingredients and herbs. The toner also penetrates really well into the skin.

It’s important to point out that toners come in a variety of different names such as:
• Astringent
• Balancer
• Clarifying lotion
• Cleansing water
• Toning lotion

Whatever name it goes by, it does offer daily skin benefits that you should never forget in your regimen.

If it’s impossible to wash your face more than twice a day then blotting paper might be a good choice.

We all know how hectic the work week is and just the mere thought of washing your face and reapplying makeup right around noontime can be an overwhelming thought for sure. So, that’s where the blotting paper comes in. Its goal is to get rid of oil and leave the skin shine-free.

Blotting paper can be found in the following types of materials:
• Linen
• Organic flax seed
• Rice paper

One blotting paper that’s really growing in popularity is the Jane Iredale Facial Blotting Papers and Compact. Made from organic flaxseed, this little gem is small and discreet. It comes in an attractive compact, but most of all, it’s highly absorbent and created for frequent use. Professionals agree that organic flaxseed is more porous than rice or linen blotting paper.

It’s also interesting to note that it’s not only people with oily skin using this Jane Iredale product. People with normal and combination skin like it, too. They find it refreshing to use during any time of the day.

If you have oily skin, please don’t shy away from moisturizers and sunscreen. They are so important to have in your beauty and skin care routine.
Skin care science has come a long way. Now, they offer these two products in oil-free formulas. For example, some oil-free moisturizers have revolutionary ingredients.

One that comes to mind is Skin Care Heaven Anti-oxidant Oil-Free Moisturizer. Its green tea formula provides amazing antioxidant anti-aging qualities which repairs, restores and protects the skin from past and future environmental hazards like the sun. Other nourishing ingredients are Vitamins A, C and E which minimize sun damage while improving overall skin texture.

If you’re not quite convinced that a moisturizer is for you than consider a serum. A serum is lighter and can offer age-defying benefits, too.

As far as sunscreens go, they have oil-free products which glide on like silk. A preferred one out there is made by La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid. It’s sheer, which makes it perfect for under makeup wear. This broad spectrum sunscreen is also non-comedogenic and is fragrance-free.

But one of the best things about this La Roche-Posay line is its leaf extract, Senna Alta, which wards off skin damage.

It’s important to remember if you have oily skin, you can still use products which deliver a potent dose of nourishing ingredients which offer a luminous appearance.


Great Tips and Products to Get Rid of Summer Freckles

Posted for Anti AgingBeautySkin Care On September 2, 2011

Summers seem to fly by but what lingers are those new summer freckles you’ve collected while basking in the sun. Yes, sun exposure caused those little dots around your nose and cheeks that you probably want to see go away.

These freckles may be peppered around your face or formed in clusters. And if you are the bearer of fair skin you probably have more than someone with a darker tone.

Also known as sun spots, freckles are the direct result of skin damage. If you sported sleeveless tops and shorts over the warm months, more than likely, you’ll see blemishes on your shoulders and legs. And if you look close enough, brown little marks could be visible on the topside of your hands, too.
A good first step is to schedule a visit with a skin care professional. Many might recommend a glycolic peel for deep exfoliation. You’ll notice an improvement in your skin tone and texture after a session.

Another sought after treatment is a chemical peel. But before you schedule this appointment please make sure it’s done at a doctor’s office or medical spa. It’ll give you peace of mind knowing that your technician has the experience and talent it takes to work there.
One more treatment worth considering is purchasing a series of four to six microdermabrasions. It will take a series to see the freckles fade. And compared to a powerful peel, a microdermabrasion has no down time.

When it comes to a topical, the best product out there that skin care professionals have turned to for years for their clients has been hydroquinone. It can be purchased over the counter, but as you might guess, it’s the prescription strength that does wonders. Hydroquinone improves skin texture and tone at the cellular level.

In the Obagi line, the Obagi Nu-Derm Clear 3 system has 4 percent hydroquinone. That is an impressive amount that can really do the trick.
Retinol is another powerful ingredient used to treat freckles and age spots. Another favorite product with a retinol compound also by Dr. Obagi is his ZO Skin Health Ossential Radical Night Repair Plus Anti-Aging Formula. This ZO skin care system offers a potent 1 percent retinol coupled with vitamin C and peptides.
What causes freckles is melanin production and these products help suppress it. Users of hydroquinone and retinol see a marked improvement in about 8 to 12 weeks. In fact, the results can be incredible.

Another topical to make freckles disappear is tretinoin. Yes, this cream helps with acne, too.

Some skin care professionals may also suggest combining both tretinoin and hydroquinone for those after summer freckles.

Having a skin care professional on board is always a great idea especially if using hydroquinone. It’s a powerful product and they need to be sure it doesn’t cause too much irritation to your skin.

There are some people out there that can’t tolerate hydroquinone because of sensitive skin issues. There’s great news, though. There are a couple “top shelf” products on the market which work well to get rid of freckles.

The first one is Vivite Vibrance Therapy. This one restores your skin with a blend of antioxidants like fennel seeds, grapes, green tea, licorice root extract, and mulbery fruit also to diminish freckles.

Vivite users comment on younger looking skin. The product gives the skin a healthy dose of hydration which also lessens fine lines and wrinkles.
RevaleSkin Illuminesse Brightening Complex is another hydroquinone-free product to fight back those freckles.

RevaleSkin’s advanced technology is based on their coffeeberry extract formula. This unique extract is plant-based and successfully minimizes freckles and age spots. Skin care professionals are now calling coffeeberry extract the “powerhouse” antioxidant. So, it may be worth it to do some research because it appears to be doing a multitude of things to keep skin looking beautiful.

It’s important to note that if you discontinue your treatments, your freckles will come back. Remember, that these topical systems suppress freckles. So you really need to stay proactive through the whole process.

Now that you’re armed with information to tackle those freckles always remember to wear sunscreen any time of the year when you’re outdoors. Sunscreen will stop new freckles from popping up.


7 Tips to More Beautiful Skin

Posted for Anti AgingMoisturizersSkin Care On August 18, 2011

Life is so hectic. Taking time out of the day to follow a skincare routine may sometimes feel as if it’s out of reach for all of us. But following these simple seven steps will offer women at any age beautiful skin for many, many years.

Although a day spa visit may frequently pop up on your calendar, it’s still super critical to follow these tips – with them, they’ll offer excellent results.

Step 1: Wear Sunscreen

Let wearing daily sunscreen, even on overcast days, become second nature to you. The sunscreen of today isn’t thick and greasy like years ago. Now, advanced sunscreen technology is featherweight and silky. An example of this is a product from La Roche Posay. An oil-free formula, La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid, goes on sheer. Packed with antioxidants, it’s also water resistant.

Moisturizers, including tinted moisturizers, may also have a SPF shield from the sun. Shoppers can find this in products such as Intellishade SPF 45 Matte Tinted Moisturizer by Revision Skincare.

Not using a solar defense leads to premature skin aging. Signs of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and uneven skin tone will creep up sooner than later. Using sunscreen on a regular basis will slow down the skin aging process.

The sun is most powerful between the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. If possible, try to retreat indoors throughout this timeframe to give your skin a break.

And don’t forget to double check that the sunscreen you’re lathering on hasn’t expired. If it has, it won’t offer the ultimate skin protection you need.

And above all, purchase a broad spectrum sunscreen. Reapply it every few hours, and more so, if you’ve been swimming or perspiring.

Step 2: Treat Skin with Care

Facial skin is delicate. Here are some tips to be mindful of, such as:

• Limit your time in hot water to avoid dehydration
• Don’t tug or pull on your skin (especially around your eyes) when cleaning or removing makeup.
• Pat skin dry and leave skin slightly damp for rehydration

And when it comes to cleansing, pick a non-soap cleanser to avoid facial dryness.

Step 3: Toss out the cigarettes

Smoking can accelerate skin damage. It slows down blood flow in the skin, steals oxygen from it, and robs it from its nutrients. Over time, smoking creates dull skin and deep wrinkles begin to set around the mouth and eyes.

Step 4: Alcohol Intake

Although it may be nice to kick up your heels with a glass of wine after a day of hard work, keep track of what’s consumed. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and gives it a rough texture. So if a young looking appearance is your goal, reduce the alcohol intake.

Step 5: Moisturize

Mature skin becomes dry and really needs a moisturizer to pump up fine lines. A good moisturizer adds water back into the skin. Thumbing through a moisturizer inventory, you’re bound to find an array of them with antioxidant features and anti-aging rich properties. In addition to a hydrating boost, the nuances to these different formulas are just endless.

Kinerase products offer a nice line of moisturizers. During the day, users reach for Kinerase Ultimate Day Moisturizer, while in the evening, they apply Kinerase Ultimate Night Moisturizer. Both improve skin texture and offer excellent treatment for hydration.

And please don’t limit a moisturizer just to your face. From head to toe, the whole body needs attention, too. Areas to pay close attention to are the neck, chest, and elbows.

Avoid using a body moisturizer on the face – it’ll be too rough and harsh.

Step 6: Eating Healthy and Sleeping Well

It’s easy to say but hard to do. It can’t be ignored that a balanced and nutritious diet benefits your whole body from the inside out. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will do wonders for the skin.

And a good night’s rest leaves skin with an unmistakable youthful glow – you’ve probably discovered that before on your own.

Step 7: Implement a Skin Care Regimen

A skincare routine is the best way to look and feel young. As skin matures, though, different products and regimens may need to be tweaked to gain maximum benefits.
When starting a new skin care system, all is well the first few weeks, and then sometimes the interest begins to fade for many of us after that. Please don’t stray and stick with the regimen.

Working alongside your skincare professional will keep you on track so you can reap the full rewards to more beautiful skin.


The Benefits of Skin Toner For a Radiant Complexion

Posted for Uncategorized On August 12, 2011

The first important step to any skincare regimen is cleaning the face and using a toner is second on the list. By not including a toner in a routine, you’re really are skipping on the ultimate benefits behind first-rate skincare.

A toner is always used before hydrating the skin with a moisturizer. Generally, you use it both morning and night.

The job of a toner is to restore skin back to a natural pH balance after cleansing your face. A pH is either at 4.5 or pretty close to that. Not many know that some cleansing products spike a pH balance up to 14. This leaves your skin tight and dehydrated. A toner locks in moisture and nourishes the skin at the same time.

A toner also does a host of other fantastic things, such as:

• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
• Controls inflammation
• Removes oil and dirt
• Gets rid of residual make-up

A toner really is the ultimate solution to make your cleansing regimen complete. And remember to keep this product away from your eye area.
Because a toner soaks up oil, it’s a terrific acne fighting tool. As we all know, oil spurs breakouts.

When shopping for a toner, it’s hard not to notice how many name categories it falls under like astringent, balancer, clarifying lotion, cleansing water, and toning lotion.
As skincare continues to be a progressive area in science, toners are changing, too. There are some wonderful products out there that penetrate into the dermis and positively affect cellular change.

You’ll also notice some toners that are coupled with a cleansing system. For the most part, skin care professionals agree that keeping the two separate is the best course of action, because each one, has its own special function.

For example, the Obagi skin care line offers a set called: Obagi Foaming Gel and Toner Set .

Users love the foaming gel because of its natural herbs and aloe vera properties. It wipes away the environmental pollution without distressing the skin’s moisture levels. And the gel is great for all skin types which makes it a perfect buy.

The Obagi Nu-Derm Toner can be purchased with the set or solo. In any event, it’s described by professionals as the best combination of natural ingredients. The rich formula in this bottle brings skin back to a normal pH balance and improves firmness. After each use, additional treatment products penetrate into the skin with no trouble at all.

This clinical toner system promotes cellular turnover; and, its deep penetration into the dermis layer spurs cellular movement and function.

Its other therapeutic benefits include:

• Raises new cells to the surface which allows smoother and wrinkle-free skin
• Reduces age spots and freckles
• Increases better skin structure and tone through cell development
• Promotes collagen production and elastin fibers
• Feeds the skin with nutrients and hydration

There’s another “must have” toner also by Obagi. Obagi C-Balancing Toner is actually part of the Obagi-C Rx System for normal to oily skin. Again, it balances the pH and prepares the skin for better product penetration. In this case, the toner welcomes the anti-aging serum and other products which help with pigmentation issues.
For these toners, and many others for that matter, it’s applied to a clean face with a cotton ball. After dousing the cotton ball with the toner, you glide it over the face. Don’t rinse off a toner.

Skin care professionals are a great sounding board to help determine what skin type you have. That’s not only important in choosing a toner, but for all skin care products. Many professionals agree to stay clear from toners which contain formulas that have the potential to irritate the skin. A handful of these ingredients include choosing a toner free of alcohol, ethanol, acetone, mint, menthol, and witch hazel. Again, all these ingredients, among others, may promote skin irritation.

And while on the topic of irritation, if there is ever an uncomfortable burning sensation after toner usage, stop using the product. Go back to a skin care professional for assistance and choose another product with the right guidance.

From dry, normal to oily skin, everyone can really benefit from this skin care product. Using a toner will help return your facial canvas to a healthy and luminous glow.


The Secret to Summer Sunscreen Essentials

Posted for Uncategorized On August 11, 2011

It’s hard to believe that we’re already nearing the halfway summertime mark. And for a lot of us, that means it’s time to purchase another bottle of sunscreen to protect ourselves from the threat of premature aging, and even more so, skin cancer.

With so many sunscreen products to choose from even the greatest of maximum sun protectors won’t work well if we don’t apply it right. If you thought that sunscreen is just something you lather on once a while when you’re outside, you may want to think again.

Skin safety is a progressive area in science. It changes with new discoveries to protect us from harmful UVA and UVB rays. UVA radiation penetrates into deeper levels of the skin while UVB affects the first layer of skin which is responsible for sunburns. This means that even if you’re not susceptible to sunburns, you still receive sun damage via UVA rays.

Repeated studies have shown that 90 percent of premature wrinkles and skin cancer diagnosis is a direct result of the sun. Sunscreen is the answer to these problems.
The first step in picking the right sunscreen includes broad spectrum formulas. Choose wisely with an SPF of at least 15. Above all, keep your eye out for key ingredients like such as:

• Avobenzone
• Ecamsule
• Oxybenzone
• Sulisobenzone
• Titanium dioxide
• Zinc oxide

Sunscreens aren’t like they used to be — those heavy and thick creams are a thing of the past.

One sunscreen growing in popularity is the SPF 55 Skin Care Heaven Sheer Shake Sunscreen. It’s an ultra lightweight and sheer sunscreen which offers UVA and UVB sun protection. On top of that critical protection, this featherweight sunscreen offers anti-aging properties with antioxidant ingredients such as vitamin E, green tea and Co-Q10. It’s like having two products in one bottle.

Another advanced technology sunscreen is La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid. This La Roche Posay skin care product is oil free, sheer, absorbs quickly, and is water resistant. As a long-lasting sun protector, it’s enriched with a senna alata leaf extract, which protects the skin with powerful antioxidants.

Whatever product you choose, studies repeatedly show that people don’t apply the recommended amount of sunscreen. Instead, they only put on half of what is directed. With these kinds of odds, the product can’t sufficiently do its job.

The rule of thumb is about 40 ml of sunscreen which is equivalent to a handful, or a little more than a shot glass. Please don’t be frugal with it.
To get the highest amount of solar defense, apply your sunscreen about 30 minutes before going outdoors. Also, be sure your skin is dry so it can properly absorb.
While putting on your screen, have a mental checklist of areas on the body that are sometimes forgotten and susceptible to sunburn:
• Ears
• Back of legs
• Neck
• Tops of hands and feet
• Scalp (if there is a receding hairline, buzz haircut, or a part is exposed)

When it comes to reapplying sunscreen throughout the day, a lot of people have their own definition on what that means. Skin care professionals agree that the second application round should be about 30 minutes after you’re out in the sun.
Why so quick?

Because people tend not to use much the first time, the second sunscreen session adds another level of effectiveness and sometimes matches what you needed in the first place. After that, reapplication can be every couple of hours.

That two hour time frame changes, though, if you’ve just come back from a swim or perspire. After you dry yourself off, reapply your sunscreen right away.
Even though you may be following strict sunscreen guidelines, it’s still a good idea to give yourself a break from the sun throughout the day. The sun is most powerful between the hours of 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. So go ahead and find some shade and retreat indoors for a little while.

If the skies are overcast you still need protection. Don’t let those cloudy summertime days fool you because 80 percent of ultraviolet rays still penetrate through.
One area of protection we don’t want to forget is a SPF lip balm. Like other parts of the body, lips are at risk for burns and skin cancer.

Try and make sunscreen a part of your daily lifestyle and not just during the summertime. It’s the easiest solution you can find when it comes to looking young and staying healthy.


Tips to Avoid Summer Acne

Posted for AcneSkin Care On July 7, 2011

We look forward to summertime, but what many of us don’t want with it is summer acne breakouts. But with a slight change in a skincare routine, we can fight off acne before it even starts.
There’s no doubt about it — summer is an acne issue. With summer, comes sweating and that’s what flares up acne. And if you’re participating in outdoor sports perspiration needs to be conquered quickly since it triggers sebaceous gland production which produces oil.
Oily skin is the main reason for acne breakouts.
Trouble spots normally occur in the following areas:
• Forehead
• Nose
• Chest
• Back
There is also a direct correlation between larger pores and where acne surfaces.
Wash your face with a mild cleanser both morning and night. This can help reduce oily skin. If facial oil begins to peak during the midday hours, go ahead and do an additional afternoon wash.
A top skin cleansing system is the five-step system, Dermalogica Clean Start Kit. It eliminates breakouts while keeping the skin hydrated. It’s an ideal combination.
A number of skin care professionals also recommend a clay mask which has the ability to absorb oil.
Because summertime promotes oil production, it might also be the right time for you to scale back on moisturizers. Test the right amount to find the right balance for you.
Here are some other helpful hints to add onto your list:
• Implement a nighttime skin care regimen which includes complete makeup removal
• Use a mild cleanser and/or non-soap cleanser
• Purchase cosmetics which are not oil-based and lean more towards mineral and/or water-based makeup
Remember to use sunscreen when you’re outdoors and find sunscreen that’s oil-free.
Finding the right skincare routine to ward off summer acne isn’t too difficult and teaming up with a skin care professional will make the road much easier.

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