Retinol In Skin Care – How Much Is Too Much

Posted for Skin Care On April 13, 2009


Retinols are the buzzword in the anti-aging skin care products market. A derivative of Vitamin A, it is extremely effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and healing sun damage.

Protection against sun damage? That’s what sunscreens are for!

True… But when you notice that first wrinkle on your face you know that simple prevention is not enough. In fact, anti-aging skin care should not be started only after the damage is done. Rather, it should be something that you incorporate in your daily skin care regimen now in order to keep aging signs at bay.
How does Retinol work?
Retinol increases the cell turnover ratio in the deeper skin layers. It prevents collagen degradation and helps the skin to actually reverse certain signs of aging.

All well… But like with everything else, Retinol should be used based on your individual skin type. Different people have different tolerance levels for Retinol. Here are some tips to follow while using Retinol based skin care products:

Always start using Retinol in smaller quantities. Start by using it sparingly and as your skin gets used to it, you can increase the frequency of application.

Retinol can become unsuitable for some people during winter because of excessive skin dryness.

Avoid using Retinol during the day. This is because it is photosensitizing as well as photodegradable. When you apply it under sunlight, the skin can get irritated and also break down the beneficial properties of the Retinol.

Ideally, use Retinol based skin care products at night so that it can perform its healing process well enough.

So, there you go. Gather all the benefits of Retnol.. just do it wisely so!

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