Revealing The Truth Behind Skin Care Myths

Posted for Skin Care On August 25, 2008

The increasing awareness amongst people about skin care is sure a positive sign. But in the quest to acquire more knowledge, they tend to believe in everything that they come across. Thus creeps in myths and false facts….

Here are some myths that I have come across and the actual truth behind them:

• Sunscreen is more that enough to protect skin against potential Sun Damage

Phew! All the ranting about how absolutely imperative is using sunscreen has led people to believe it’s all that they need. But that unfortunately is not the case. Sunscreen is the basic necessity and for complete protection against the sun, you will need to do a little more.

Actually the SPF filters can either absorb the UVA/B radiations of the sun or they can reflect them off. But they are unable to shield rays ranging from 380 to 400, making your skin susceptible.

But you can take care of that part by simply applying an antioxidant skin care product before you slather on sunscreen!

• No Wrinkles = No Aging Signs

Now I wish it were true. But wrinkles are not the only way you can give away your age. Removing wrinkles from your face might give you a smooth skin but that is n guarantee to hide your age. In fact, there are a lot many other features that appear as you age.
• Your skin goes yellowish in color
• Brown spots appear on the skin
• The skin becomes red and broken capillaries become ever so prominent
• Your skin also becomes loose and saggy

There is only one solution: Go for an anti-aging treatment that takes care of all these flaws!

• Only your face needs Anti-Aging Treatments

Again, this is a popular misbelief. A young looking face and wrinkly neck and hands can sure blow the lid and expose your age.

Let this not be the case and make sure you treat you neck, hands and other exposed areas with the same anti-aging treatment.

• Men don’t need Skin Care, it’s for the womenfolk
Yeah… So can say the cowboys. Men say this with a sense of pride. Of course I would have to agree with biological notions that men generally have thicker and less sensitive skin than women. But that’s no cue they can pass skin care completely.

Let me tell you, skin damage, be it because of the sun or other factors see no difference in genders. Both men and women are equally prone to sun damage, susceptible to skin cancers and so on… Therefore it is as important for them as well.

• There is nothing better than Organic Skin Care Products

I sure can’t question the benefits of organic skin care products. But yeah… there can be a word of caution though. Organic skin care products need to be in the purest form. (Read: Don’t go by the cheap rates and check if the product is really organic or not!) Also they need to be used carefully.
And then again, these products take a little time to get results. And if you want to be fresh and glowing at the month end party, you might as well go for a cosmetic!

These are all for now. Wait till next time as I get you more… And meanwhile, if you have any queries or if you are skeptical about something, feel free to share it here!


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