Skin Care Product Basics How Much To Use?

Posted for Skin Care On April 21, 2009


If little is good, a lot is better! Maybe… But certainly not in the case of skin care products!

If a little drop of acne care product eliminates your pimples, slathering on a large amount won’t make your face any better… rather, it can make it worse. Skin care products should be used as directed and no way else. You should know exactly how much of your skin care products you should be using. Read on to find out…


Cleansers are used to remove make up.The problem is, people tend to use too much of it in order to ensure that all traces of make-up are completely gone. However, over-use of cleansers can have detrimental effects on your skin. It can cause irritation and aggravate acne and blemishes.

Always splash your face with warm water before you begin the cleansing routine. This way you can use a lesser amount of cleanser. And when you use it, just take a dime sized amount, rub it in your hands and apply it on to your face.

Whether you have a large can of moisturizer or just a small travel bottle, always take a dime size amount of the moisturizer and take more if truly needed. Remember, no matter which moisturizer is used, oily skin requires less while dry skin needs more. Always warm the moisturizer between your palms before you apply it on the face. This will ensure an even application! Moisturizers should hydrate the skin and do just that and no more. If your skin feels heavy and sticky… it means you have applied a bit too much.

Facial Serum
Serums are lightweight and feel almost like water. It’s easy to apply and they get absorbed by the skin almost instantly. Take about one or one and a half pumps on your fingertips and massage it gently on your face and neck. It should be more than enough. The deal with serums is there is no tell-tale sign to indicate you are using too much. So, use them cautiously.

Eye Creams
Eye contours are very sensitive and fragileand they need to be taken care of very carefully. Even though eye creams are designed to do the same, they can have severe effects if not used correctly.

Never rub the cream under the eyes. Rather use your ring finger to pat the cream along the orbital bone and eyelid.

Now that you know how much is too much, you can use your skin care products as indicated!

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