SPF Cosmetics Best Of Both Worlds Or Benefits Of None?

Posted for Sun Tanning On December 17, 2008


Dual advantage beauty products… Multi-purpose cosmetics… Triple-action skin care products!

They are the new breed of Sun Care Products in the market. And the most popular version is cosmetic products with SPF benefits claiming to protect against sun damage.?

To enhance the appeal of the products, cosmetic manufacturers have started including sun filtering agents within them. So we have products like foundations containing SPF, moisturizers with sunscreens and so on. Fact remains that cosmetics that boast of SPF agents don’t really offer adequate protection against the harmful UVA/UVB radiations of the sun. They are no doubt a grade ahead of other cosmetics. However, they can’t negate the use of sunscreens at all.

Do You Need Separate Sunscreen?
It’s always advisable to have a separate sunscreen for yourself in addition to all or any of your skin care products. This is because the skin essentially needs an undiluted layer of sunscreen that forms a protective layer to shield against the penetrating sun radiations. Moreover, cosmetics containing SPF agents usually offer protection against UVB rays… Your skin still remains vulnerable to UVA rays.

How to Apply Sunscreen & Make-up

Sunscreens should be placed on top of the skin or be absorbed by the skin totally before any cosmetics. A simple rule of thumb is to apply the products in order of lightest to heaviest texture. This way, the ingredients better absorbed. Lighter products are not able to dissolve through the heavier ones underneath.

So, there you go. Always apply your sunscreen let it get absorbed before you apply any other cosmetics. That’ll get you the best of both worlds!

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