Sulking About Stretch Marks

Posted for Skin Care On October 10, 2008


The creamy white lines that show up on the skin on your just seem to creep further and further, those ugly marks… The stretch marks! Those who have it know how bad they can be.

Stretch marks are from the sudden shrinking of stretched skin… Like after childbirth or after sudden weight loss. This is when the skin comes back to its original shape and shrinks.

The sad part is there is no sure shot skin care product I can think of that can guarantee relief from these stretch marks. There are some treatments that help reduce the marks, but otherwise it’s all about ‘Prevention is better than the cure.’

• Moisturizers can prove to be helpful in preventing stretch marks. That’s because they generally contain Vitamin E and A which boosts the formation of new cells and helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks

• Another preventive measure is keeping your weight controlled so that there is no sudden flab coming out. Massage your skin daily and keep it toned.

• Alpha Hydroxy Acids are one of the popular and most effective ingredients in skin care products. AHA’s are derived from sugar cane or diary products and contain powerful exfoliating compounds that break down the proteins holding dead skin cells together and make new cells to appear.

• Another popular ingredient is Retinoid. Used in creams and moisturizers to increase the absorption, retinoids accelerate the growth of new skin cells and that further helps reduce stretch marks.

• Salicylic acid also break down the proteins and lipids that are responsible for holding skin cells together and thus promote the emergence of new skin cells.

Other than these ingredients to help prevent stretch marks, you can also have surgery like laser surgery, microdermabrasion and dermabrasion. These processes remove the outer layer of the skin and bring forth the layer underneath.

So, if stretch marks are what’s troubling you… You know where to look now!

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