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Tips to Avoid Summer Acne

Posted for AcneSkin Care On July 7, 2011

We look forward to summertime, but what many of us don’t want with it is summer acne breakouts. But with a slight change in a skincare routine, we can fight off acne before it even starts.
There’s no doubt about it — summer is an acne issue. With summer, comes sweating and that’s what flares up acne. And if you’re participating in outdoor sports perspiration needs to be conquered quickly since it triggers sebaceous gland production which produces oil.
Oily skin is the main reason for acne breakouts.
Trouble spots normally occur in the following areas:
• Forehead
• Nose
• Chest
• Back
There is also a direct correlation between larger pores and where acne surfaces.
Wash your face with a mild cleanser both morning and night. This can help reduce oily skin. If facial oil begins to peak during the midday hours, go ahead and do an additional afternoon wash.
A top skin cleansing system is the five-step system, Dermalogica Clean Start Kit. It eliminates breakouts while keeping the skin hydrated. It’s an ideal combination.
A number of skin care professionals also recommend a clay mask which has the ability to absorb oil.
Because summertime promotes oil production, it might also be the right time for you to scale back on moisturizers. Test the right amount to find the right balance for you.
Here are some other helpful hints to add onto your list:
• Implement a nighttime skin care regimen which includes complete makeup removal
• Use a mild cleanser and/or non-soap cleanser
• Purchase cosmetics which are not oil-based and lean more towards mineral and/or water-based makeup
Remember to use sunscreen when you’re outdoors and find sunscreen that’s oil-free.
Finding the right skincare routine to ward off summer acne isn’t too difficult and teaming up with a skin care professional will make the road much easier.

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