The Benefits of Skin Toner For a Radiant Complexion

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The first important step to any skincare regimen is cleaning the face and using a toner is second on the list. By not including a toner in a routine, you’re really are skipping on the ultimate benefits behind first-rate skincare.

A toner is always used before hydrating the skin with a moisturizer. Generally, you use it both morning and night.

The job of a toner is to restore skin back to a natural pH balance after cleansing your face. A pH is either at 4.5 or pretty close to that. Not many know that some cleansing products spike a pH balance up to 14. This leaves your skin tight and dehydrated. A toner locks in moisture and nourishes the skin at the same time.

A toner also does a host of other fantastic things, such as:

• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
• Controls inflammation
• Removes oil and dirt
• Gets rid of residual make-up

A toner really is the ultimate solution to make your cleansing regimen complete. And remember to keep this product away from your eye area.
Because a toner soaks up oil, it’s a terrific acne fighting tool. As we all know, oil spurs breakouts.

When shopping for a toner, it’s hard not to notice how many name categories it falls under like astringent, balancer, clarifying lotion, cleansing water, and toning lotion.
As skincare continues to be a progressive area in science, toners are changing, too. There are some wonderful products out there that penetrate into the dermis and positively affect cellular change.

You’ll also notice some toners that are coupled with a cleansing system. For the most part, skin care professionals agree that keeping the two separate is the best course of action, because each one, has its own special function.

For example, the Obagi skin care line offers a set called: Obagi Foaming Gel and Toner Set .

Users love the foaming gel because of its natural herbs and aloe vera properties. It wipes away the environmental pollution without distressing the skin’s moisture levels. And the gel is great for all skin types which makes it a perfect buy.

The Obagi Nu-Derm Toner can be purchased with the set or solo. In any event, it’s described by professionals as the best combination of natural ingredients. The rich formula in this bottle brings skin back to a normal pH balance and improves firmness. After each use, additional treatment products penetrate into the skin with no trouble at all.

This clinical toner system promotes cellular turnover; and, its deep penetration into the dermis layer spurs cellular movement and function.

Its other therapeutic benefits include:

• Raises new cells to the surface which allows smoother and wrinkle-free skin
• Reduces age spots and freckles
• Increases better skin structure and tone through cell development
• Promotes collagen production and elastin fibers
• Feeds the skin with nutrients and hydration

There’s another “must have” toner also by Obagi. Obagi C-Balancing Toner is actually part of the Obagi-C Rx System for normal to oily skin. Again, it balances the pH and prepares the skin for better product penetration. In this case, the toner welcomes the anti-aging serum and other products which help with pigmentation issues.
For these toners, and many others for that matter, it’s applied to a clean face with a cotton ball. After dousing the cotton ball with the toner, you glide it over the face. Don’t rinse off a toner.

Skin care professionals are a great sounding board to help determine what skin type you have. That’s not only important in choosing a toner, but for all skin care products. Many professionals agree to stay clear from toners which contain formulas that have the potential to irritate the skin. A handful of these ingredients include choosing a toner free of alcohol, ethanol, acetone, mint, menthol, and witch hazel. Again, all these ingredients, among others, may promote skin irritation.

And while on the topic of irritation, if there is ever an uncomfortable burning sensation after toner usage, stop using the product. Go back to a skin care professional for assistance and choose another product with the right guidance.

From dry, normal to oily skin, everyone can really benefit from this skin care product. Using a toner will help return your facial canvas to a healthy and luminous glow.

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