Top 4 Acne Myths

Posted for Skin Care On December 3, 2008


All it takes is a tiny pimple to pop up on your face and you’ll get bombarded with tons of advice and tricks to banish the evil devil. However, most of the suggestions that come your way are useless.

Here are the top 4 acne myths that some women still swear by. Let your knowledge prevail…

Frequent Face Washes Reduce Acne!

Washing your face regularly is a good habit. But excess spells doom. Regularly washing your face will most likely eliminate all the dirt particles and keep your skin squeaky clean. But it an also cause your skin to dry up and encourage further breakouts. So just try not to overdo it and restrict your facial washing to twice a day!

Chocolate and Oily Food Are Responsible for Acne!

This belief has been hammered into young minds and passed on from generation to generation. However, oil intake inside the body does not ooze from your skin pores. Oily food is usually bad for health, but that’s not casues acne breakouts.

Occasional indulgence is safe! Chocolate has also shown to actually have many benefits!

Makeup Can Camouflage Acne!

As long as you use ‘non-acneic’ and ‘non-allergic’ make up, all is good. But if you use make up that’s not high quality, they may cause further breakouts.

Acne is Natural Consequence of Poor Hygiene!

Acne is caused by excessive oil production within your skin cells. However, dirt and environmental pollutants can sure aggravate the situation.

Hope that helps “clear things up” a bit about acne skin care…..

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