What Is Summer Without The Sun?

Posted for Skin Care On September 18, 2008

And where there is sun… there are sunburn and sun tanning.

Sunburn are the most common of summer skin woes. Let us address the problem as a whole here:

Well… to start with, let me give you an idea about what exactly causes sunburn!

The sun emits UV radiations that penetrate through the deeper layers of the skin and prompts pre-mature aging of the skin. Thus the skin begins to show fine lines, wrinkles and sunspots! These rays are very harmful for the skin and should be avoided at all costs.

Moreover, when these rays enter your skin cells, they alter the DNA components and can lead to skin cancer in due course. Areas that are most exposed to sunlight are the ones at highest risk of developing the disease.

So, how do you know if it is a sunburn or just a regular rash? Most cases of sunburn are not taken seriously because people mistake them for rashes.

Here are some common symptoms of sunburn:
• Irritation and pain on the affected area
• Escalation in the pain in due course of days
• Redness and peeling of the skin
• Development of blisters, blemishes and inflammations
• Heat stroke or exhaustion

Sunburn, if not treated correctly can intensify and lead to severe consequences. Therefore, it is but necessary that you take adequate precautions and prevention measures to rectify the situation.

Here are some tips:

• Use dollops of moisturizers on the affected area so as to soothe skin and lock the moisture inside.
• Contact your doctor in order to take any medications
• Take regular baths in cold water so that the water cools down the affected area.
• Stay away from alcohol as it tends to dehydrate the skin
• Don’t peel at the skin because it may just serve to increase the healing time

So, adhere to these steps and stay away from the atrocities of the sun.

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