Who Needs Skin Toners?

Posted for Skin Cleansers & Toners On October 21, 2008


I just checked out my mail box. And there were many of you who wrote to me rechecking if they really needed a toner. Apparently some of you have not had a good experience with toners!

So, here let me tell you… Who needs skin toners?

The answer is – Everyone! Yeah everyone!

Toners essentially clear of all residual elements that escape the cleanser and make the skin neat and dirt free.

There are available toners that cater to all skin types. However, you should be careful about what you decide to purchase…

Let me tell you who needs what…

Oily Skin Type
Women with oily skin are the ones who need it the most. Get a toner or astringent that is high in alcohol content. It works very well with oily and acne prone skin. Toners that contain salicylic acid not only get rid of the cleanser residues but also exfoliate the skin pores from within and thus reduce the chances of acne attack. Also, look for toners that have witch hazel.

Normal and Dry Skin Type
You guys have it made. Go for a moisturizing toner that contains humectants and botanicals that nourish sensitive skin.

Some women believe in completely abstaining from alcoholic toners. That need not be so! There are certain cosmetic alcohols like cetyl that doesn’t have any drying effect on the skin! However, regular use of toners with salicylic or glycolic acid can be bad.

What you can do is rotate them alternatively. For instance, use a mild cleanser one day and the stronger one the next! Try toners that contain chamomile

The moral of the story is that for any skin care product to be effective and work well, you need to know which ones to pick and how to use it correctly!

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