Why Do You Need To Toss Skin Care Products Regularly?

Posted for Skin Care On May 7, 2009


Here are some reasons why skin care products are best thrown away after a while

Shelf Life of Active Ingredients

Skin care products contain a variety of active ingredients that help relieve specific skin conditions and enhance overall quality of the skin. However, these ingredients have a definite shelf life after which they tend to degrade and lose potency. In fact, ingredients like Vitamin C can be so unstable that they get oxidized upon contact with air or sunlight. This makes the skin care product lose efficiency and hence not show any results.

Skin care products need to be stored well in order to extend their shelf life. However, often people handle skin care products carelessly that they get contaminated as a result of poor usage. Thus the product becomes ineffective and even tends to damage the skin in some cases.

Ineffective Preservatives and Stabilizers
Skin care products contain certain preservatives and stabilizers in order to prolong their shelf lives and prevent bacterial infestation. However, sometimes these added preservative and stabilizers are so ineffective that they take toll on the active ingredients of the product thus making them useless.

Accumulation of Occlusive Ingredients
Ingredients like silicones and mineral oil create a barrier and clog the skin pores. Though skin care products contain only a small percentage of such ingredients, their regular use may accumulate and further hamper the skin quality.

So, there are many reasons why you should keep trying out new skin care products. Even if you are not convinced you can always be game to experiment!

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