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GlyMed Plus Eye and Lip Renewal Complex

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GlyMed Plus Eye and Lip Renewal Complex Description

Erase those bags, sags, wrinkles and dark circles from your face while you sleep. You could be accused of having surgery! Guilty as charged, the Gly-Med Plus Eye and Lip Renewal Complex has been blamed for beautifying the skin surrounding the eyes and lips for over a decade.

This dual action, circadian balanced formula contains age defiying natural glyco proteins, yeast beta glucan, retinyl palmitate, malic, lactic and glycolic acid to regenerate the more challenging aging skin of the eyes and lip area.

Light weight formula quickly penetrates and continues to nourish the delicate skin of these specialized areas all night long. Use every evening for best results.


Size: 1 oz 

Directions Apply with light patting movements to the contours of the eyes and around the lip area. Can be used directly ont he lips. Blend gently on the neck.
Ingredients 3% gycolic acid, 3% lactic acid, 3% malic acid, aloe vera, RNA/DNA, beta glucan, hyaluronic acid, chamomile-cornflower-cucumber-calendula extracts

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