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Cell Science Photo-Age Protection Cream 30+

Price: $59.50
Brand:  Gly-Med Plus
Reward Points:  11
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Cell Science Photo-Age Protection Cream 30+ Description

name change. GlyMed Plus Oxy Radical Photo-Age Protection Cream 30+ performs as an all day moisture barrier and provides a maximum SPF 30+ protection from damaging sun exposure. This revitalizing formulation helps insulate the skin from premature aging and provides the benefits of Vitamin C serum and other beneficial anti-oxidant vitamins.


Size: 1.6 oz 

Directions Apply a small amount to a clean/dry treated face, neck, hands, chest, or any exposed skin surface. Let absorb acompletley. Reapply to skin area when exposure to water skiing, snow skiing , swimming or outdoor time extended. Excellent, moisturizing base for under make-up. Use with camouflage cream for a flawless application.
Ingredients ethylhexyl-methoxycinnimate, oxybensone (15+), aloe vera retinyl palmitate, hyaluronic acid

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