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Living Cell Clarifier

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Living Cell Clarifier Description

The most powerful and effective antioxidant cocktail your skin will ever need. Packed with deeply, hydrating, pure and fresh botanicals that protects living skin cells against free radical invasion, inflammation and corrects damage initiated from aging, sun, chemicals and other lifestyle imbalances.

Battle those ugly age and sun spots naturally without irritating chemicals or prescription drugs. Living Cell Clarifier contains mega doses of the most powerful pigment fighting ingredients of licorice extract, Mag-C, Ester-C, Hawaiian Seaweed, Mulberry and the strong botanical Bearberry known to manufacture its own "natural" hydroquinone for that almost perfect skin tone.


Size: 2 oz 

Directions Skin should be thoroughly cleansed. Apply accelerator or Serious Action Gel to skin. Use a full 3-4 drops of LIVING CELL CLARIFIER for the entire face and all effected areas such as back of hands, chest, neck, ect. that have pigmentary conditions brought on by sun, acne, injuries, post laser, post surgical conditions, hormone imbalance, ect. Massage in completely. Follow with a full spectrum SPF 15 or 35.
Ingredients ascorbic acid bearberry extract calcium chloride carnelia oliefera extract dipostassium axelate glycoproteins hydroxyethylcellulose licorice extract live yeast cell derivative magnesium ascorbyl phosphate methylchlorolsothiazolinone methylisothiazolinone methylparaben phytic acid propylparaben purified water retinyl palmitate super oxide dismutase tetrasodium EDTA tocopherol

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