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Brand:  Cellex-C
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Sun Care SPF 30 Sun Sports Protection Cream Description

Cellex-C Sun Care products are true sun defense creams. They contain broad spectrum UV-A and UV-B filters plus natural physical sunscreens, to block the full spectrum of rays all the way up to 380 nanometers. This encompasses the full range of damaging rays not inhibited by chemical sunscreens alone. The silky, smooth, fragrance and paba-free creams provide light moisturization in combination with photo-aging protection. Ideal for all skin types and suitable for daily use on face, neck, hands and body. Contains sunscreens octyl methoxycinnamate and octyl salicylate which boost the SPF level to help provide excellent UV-B protection. These sunscreens absorb UV light by trapping the sun-rays energy within their molecular structure. Contains zinc oxide. This physical sunscreen forms a protective barrier on the skin which reflects or scatters ultraviolet light. It works like the old-fashioned super protective, pasty white zinc oxide, but with a new technological difference—the coating is now invisible and completely transparent on the skin. Contains micronized titanium dioxide which reflects many of the suns harmful rays before they penetrate the skin. This physical block is more effective than chemical sunscreens in blocking UV-A rays—the primary rays responsible for photo-aging. UV-A rays penetrate deep into the skin, breaking down the collagen and elastin fibers that give skin its youthful appearance. Sun Care Benefits Cellex-C Sun Care products help to “age-proof your skin by protecting it against signs of photo-aging, such as thinning skin, leathery texture, dark blotches, solar freckles (age spots) and broken blood vessels. Regular use in combination with Cellex-C Serum creates the ideal sun defence team by dramatically reducing the signs of sun induced aging and brown spots. Enhances the benefits of products containing Cellex-C Complex, thereby helping to promote a clear, fresh even toned complexion. May be used by the entire family. Safe to use on infants over 6 months old and children. There is evidence to suggest that regular use of sunscreen in the first 18 years of life can reduce incidence of skin cancer by as much as 78 per cent. Non-comedogenic. Perfect for use under make-up. May be used in conjunction with Retin-A therapy and other photosensitizing medications, AHAs and after plastic surgery to protect and moisturize. Directions Cleanse. Tone. Apply product containing Cellex-C Complex and/or Hydra 5 B-Complex. Apply Cellex-C Sun Care product to face (avoid eye area), neck, V of chest and back of hands and/or body. How much should you apply? You should see a white film on the skin immediately after application. This temporary, visible white film provides an important benefit—it allows you to see that you have spread the cream evenly over your skin, without missing areas. Allow the cream to absorb and become invisible—usually this takes less than a minute. Apply make-up if desired. Note Research has shown that regular use of sunscreens over the years, may reduce the chance of some types of skin cancer and premature aging, sagging skin and wrinkles. For greatest effectiveness, apply these sun protection products fifteen to thirty minutes before sun exposure, and then reapply after heavy exertion or swimming. No tan is a safe tan. A suntan is a response to injury to the skin. Although a tan is the bodys way of trying to protect the skin by triggering a rise in melanin – the naturally occurring pigment which darkens the skin – it is also a sure sign that damage is taking place. If you can see through the fabric of your clothes, the suns rays can still get through to you. Thin or sheer fabric calls for Cellex-C Sun Care SPF 15 or 30 to be applied to your body. Caution Never apply Cellex-C Sun Care Products to the upper eyelid, or close to the inner or outer corner of the eye. Sunglasses providing 100% UV protection are recommended to protect the delicate eye area. Waxing or shaving legs can sensitize the skin. Avoid removing hair from legs or bikini line on the same day you sunbathe as your skin may react to the sun or the sunscreen ingredients. Primary Benefit: This high SPF provides you with 30 times your natural protection and will not drip or run into the eyes and sting when perspiring. Perfect for runners, golfers, cyclists, snow skiers and outdoor enthusiasts. Cellex-C SPF 30 Sport Block For High Activity, under optimal conditions, will allow you to stay up to seven and one half hours (30 x 15 = 450 minutes), under normal sun conditions, before seeing a response to sun exposure. Re-applying product is minimized due to its water resistant formulation. Skin Types: Requires maximum protection during high activity sports. Packaging: 125 mL, flip-top, white squeeze tube.


SIZE: 5 oz, 150 ml

Directions Cleanse, Tone, Apply Cellex-C Sun Care product to face (avoid eye area). Apply to neck, V of chest and back of hands and /or body. You should see a white film of the skin immediately after application. This temporary, visible white film provides an important benefit, it allows you to see that you have spread the cream evenly over your skin. Without missing areas. Allow the cream to absorb and become invisible, usually this takes less than a minute.
Ingredients Active Ingredients: Octyl Methoxycinnamate (7.5%), Octyl Salicylate (5.0%), Micronized Zinc Oxide (2.0%), DMDM Hydantoin (0.60%), Methylparaben (0.15%) Inactive Ingredients: Water (Purified), Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Cetyl Dimethicon Copolyol, Polyglyceryl-4 Isostearate, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, Hexyl Laurate, Isopropyl Palmitate, Oxtyl Stearate, Cetyl Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Sodium Chloride, Castor Oil, Beeswax, Disodium EDTA

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