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Glyderm Gly Mist 8 0z

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Glyderm Gly Mist 8 0z Description

A refreshing mineral spray used to hydrate the skin. May also be used as a make-up setting agent. Gly Derm offers a complete line of products for all your skin care needs. Gly Derm uses a unique form of Glycolic acid that actually enhances the beautifying benefits of Glycolic acid and decreases the irritation. Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane and has more beautifying effects on the skin than any other fruit acid. Normally, Glycolic acid is a little too irritating to be used daily, but Gly Derm has solved that problem. Gly Derm Glycolics help the skin retain more moisture making skin Smoother, Healthier, and Younger-looking. Many Glycolic acid products simply can't do what they promise. And most over-the-counter brands have been neutralized or buffered. If you want the most effective Glycolic acid formulations available, rely on the power of physician-strength Gly Derm. All Gly Derm® products have been clinically tested by board certified dermatologists and found to be hypo-allergenic and free of harmful agents. In fact, they're the preferred Glycolic formulations of many leading university Dermatology and Plastic Surgery centers. So take the next step. discover that you can actually spend less time trying to make your skin look better and more time enjoying your better-looking skin. That's the real beauty of Gly Derm.

Directions Restore the natural ionic balance and protective acid mantle of your skin. After routine cleansing AM and/or PM apply Gly Mist. Then apply AM and/or PM moisturizer. Can be used to set make-up. Apply after face make-up and before applying eye make-up. Spray on face avoiding eye area. Air dry.
Ingredients Spring Water, Dead Sea Salt Extract, Citric Alcohols, Glycolic Acid.

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