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Total Skin Care 10% Glycolic Acid Gel

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Total Skin Care 10% Glycolic Acid Gel Description

Total Skin Care Glycolic Acid Gel is a lightweight, gentle formula which works to improve the overall complexion and skin tone of the face. It provides micro-exfoliation for smoother skin, and works to resolve dermatological issues such as acne, uneven facial pigmentation and clogged pores, all while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This Glycolic Acid Gel contains ingredients including algae peptides and various herbal derivatives. The algae peptides, extracted from the Hawaiian Sea, are absorbed quickly into the skin, offering a unique moisturizing experience resulting in skin that immediately appears firmer and more elastic. The herbal extracts, which include guarana extract, kola extract and matte extract, penetrate the dermis easily, offering a wide range of health-boosting benefits due to their antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antiaging properties.

Total Skin Care's Glycolic Acid Gel is suitable for all skin types. Clients with acne-prone or scarred skin would especially benefit from regular use. Daily use of this gel will minimize skin conditions, reduce redness and irritation, brighten skin tone and improve overall clarity, resulting in a significantly healthier appearance and smoother complexion. 

Directions Apply evenly on clean skin. For the first week, first time Glycolic Acid Gel users should rinse off with warm water after 15 minutes. If no redness or irritation appears, the gel may be left on after the first week. Always apply a sunscreen after use during the day.
Ingredients Algae peptides, glycerin, glycolic acid, guarana extract, kola extract, matte extract, methylparaben imidazolidinyl urea, propylparaben, purified water, xanthan gum

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