Clayton Shagal

Clayton Shagal is based on three key componets: Collagen, Elastin, Moisture. Collagen locks in moisture hydrating both the outer and inner layer of skin. As skin ages it can lose its collagen fibrils. Clayton Shagal works to retain moisture in the collagen fibers keeping them nourished. Elastin is the main protein in elastic fibers, connecting the tissue and outer layer of skin. Elastin plays a key role in skin hydration, binding the collagen together, helping to keep the moisture locked in. With age Moisture in the skin decreases creating a need to replenish the skin. All of these componenets are treated when using Clayton Shagal products, making your skin appear young and healthy. 

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Clayton Shagal Colhy Extract - 1.01 oz.
Clayton Shagal Colhy Extract is a concentrated liquid extract that quickly hydrates and tightens the..
Clayton Shagal Colhy Gel
Clayton Shagal's Colhy Gel is suitable for all skin types. Colhy Gel helps to delay the formation of..
Clayton Shagal Collagen Gel
Clayton Shagal Collagen Gel is deal for young skin, sensitive skin and acne cases. Benefits:..
Clayton Shagal Collagen Gel Plus
Collagen Gel Plus is an effective anti-aging solution formulated to reduce the signs of aging as wel..
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Clayton Shagal Collagen Serum 1 oz
Clayton Shagal Collagen Extract Concentrated liquid booster that immediately hydrates and tightens s..
Clayton Shagal Elasthy Extract Concentré - 1 oz
Clayton Shagal Elasthy Concentre penetrates deep within the dermis of the skin fortifying collagen f..
Clayton Shagal Elasthy Gel
This gel effectively penetrates deep within the dermis to fortify your complexion.  Fresh new g..
Clayton Shagal Elastin Extract
Elastin Extract is suitable for all skin types. Elastin penetrates deeply into the dermis and combin..
Clayton Shagal Elastin Gel
Elastin Gel is an depth moisturizer that starts working at the dermis level of the skin to give an o..
Clayton Shagal Elastin Gel Plus
Elastin Gel Plus is an in-depth highly moisturizing formula that is potent enough to actually streng..
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Clayton Shagal Hydra Cream One
Hydra One is enriched with hyaluronic acid, which softens, smooths, and maximizes hydration through ..
Clayton Shagal Hydra Light Cream
Provides comfort for oily-combination to normal skin. This lightweight nourishing cream helps to res..
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Clayton Shagal Hyprocel Extract
Hyprocel Extract is intended for those with mature and very dehydrated skin. It is a powerful anti w..
Clayton Shagal Hyprocel Gel
Hyprocel Gel repairs extremely dehydrated mature skin. If your skin has experienced excess wrinkling..
Clayton Shagal Idratense Cream
Idratense is a “re-densifyer” to the skin’s structure while it protects the skin’s barrier and reduc..
Clayton Shagal Illumine Cream
Clayton Shagal’s Illumine is a groundbreaking blend of hydrolyzed corn protein formulated to strengt..
Clayton Shagal Milk Cleanser
Clayton Shagal Milk Cleanser is a  rich and creamy multi-action cleanser. Gently removes makeup..
Clayton Shagal Nutri Sublime Cream
Clayton Shagal Nutri Sublime is the utmost in anti-aging creams for the restoration and transformati..
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