Pigment Problems

Pigment Problems

Pigmentation problems can be a major problem for some people.  There are ingredients that can help alleviate the discolorations that you may experience and they are included in the products listed below.

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Age Intervention Enlighten Plus
The most visible signs of aging are sun damage, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Age Intervention Enl..
elure Advanced Brightening Lotion is a gentle brightening treatment for hyperpigmentation. This ligh..
Night Cream
This moisturizing night cream uses a natural mushroom-derived enzyme, Melanonzyme™, to reduce dark s..
Boosters:  Effective Vitamin A
This special blend of vitamin A and retinyl palmitate polypepetide helps to reverse photo-damage, an..
Boosters: Pigmentation Fader
Lighten and brighten hyperpigmentation and discoloration of the skin with this 2 % hydroquinone and ..
Derma Pigment Bleaching Fluid
Capture the lighter and brighter side of skin with proven dermatologic ingredients that impede pigme..
GlyMed Plus Derma Pigment Skin Brightener
30 days to brighter, lighter, clearer and ageless looking skin begins from the moment you start use ..
Hydra-Pure Vitamin C Brightening Serum
This high-performance serum delivers antioxidant vitamin C to each layer of the skin, fighting sun d..
Neo Ceuticals HQ Skin Lightening Gel
A professional strength skin lightening gel designed to deliver the benefits of both pigment and age..



Physicians Complex Skin Bleaching Cleanser
Formulated to help lighten skin discoloration and pigmentation problems. It contains Kojic Acid, Mul..



Pigment Gel - HQ Free 1 oz.
Incorporates kojic acid and AHAs to effectively target bothersome facial "brown spots". It simultane..
Pigment Gel 1 oz.
Incorporates 2% hydroquinone with kojic acid and AHAs to effectively target bothersome facial brown ..
Skin Bleaching Cream
Combines 3 known bleaching agents, Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid and Bearberry Extract. This light cream ..