Doc Martins of Maui Sunblock NexGen SPF 36 (3 PACK)

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Doc Martins of Maui Sunblock NexGen SPF 36 (3 PACK) Description

Doc Martin's of Maui Sunblock NexGen SPF 36 is an extreme sunblock for extreme athletes!   This new and improved formula will stay put on your skin just as soon as it dries.  It will NOT drip in your eyes from water or sweat, and will NOT clog your pores.    

Doc Martin's of Maui Sunblock NexGen SPF 36  will NOT burn your skin when applied either.  (It's a kids' dream sunblock.)  The term "water-resistant" only requires a sunblock to last 80 minutes in water before reapplication is necessary. That is why we call Doc Martin's "Mega Waterproof", because it will withstand rigorous conditions in and out of water, ALL DAY, with one application. Doc Martin's is proven to out-perform other sunblocks.   Doc Martin's of Maui Sunblock NexGen SPF 36 provides both UVA and UVB protection. It is non-toxic, Parben free, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic.

It's a greaseless, sweat-proof formula is moisturizing and will not run into eyes.  It is OUR staff sunblock of choice!

Apply liberally to face, neck, chest, and shoulders at least 15 minutes before exercising or water sports.

Active Ingredients:  
Octinoxate 7.0%, Benzophenone-3 (Oxbenzone) 5%, Octocylene 4.0%, Avobenzone 3.0%

Inactive Ingredients: 
Beeswax, Caprylic/Capric, Triglyceride, Cetyl Alcohol,  Cetyl Dimethicone, Cetyl Lactate, Copemicia, Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax, C10-30 Cholesterol/Lanosterol, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Fragrance, Neopentyl Glycol Diheptanoate, Phenoxyethanol, Polybutene, Propylene Carbonate, Propylene Glycol Dibenzoate, Sea Whip Extract, Silica, Stearalkonium Hectorite.

Size: 2.0 fl. oz. x 3 = 6 fl. oz. Total

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