LightStim Acne Light Therapy

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LightStim Acne Light Therapy Description

LightStim Acne Light Therapy is a skin treatment device that is clinically proven to kill acne causing bacteria . The light helps heal existing breakouts, shrink enlarged pores, calm inflammation, and soothe redness.

If acne and pimples are a problem, this acne treatment is pain free and soothing solution. 

The Acne Light Therapy will also help to heal acne scars, get rid of blackheads and is the best acne light we have found in the market today. Use it watching television or listening to music.

If you have acne at any age, this is one of the best new skin care devices we have found.

This device is dermatologist recommended. It uses blue, red and infrared LED lights to target acne at its core.

Can be used on all skin types including sensitive skin.

Directions for use:
Place the light gently on the skin and use every day on problem acne areas. Use on each area for 5 minutes. Apply any skin care product that contains Retin-A, tretinoin, Vitamin A products, benzyl peroxide or other drying products after using LightStim.

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