Tricomin is the brand that came into being for all the women and men out there who have hair thinning concerns. This brand has been constructed on the basic principle offering self-esteem to people who have lost it because of their hair. Apart from the hair care it offers, this brand is also focused on making sure your skin is healthy and radiant. This brand has been developed to serve everyone who wants to look and feel good. Tricomin has an excellent customer care service to guide you into using the right beauty products in accordance with your age, gender and issue. The brand is grounded upon the miracle work offered by copper. According to it, copper plays a significant role in re-growing and restructuring the hair and skin protein. It works with two basic ingredients; Copper Peptide Complex® and Triamino Copper Complex™. They have been tested and tried to ensure the provision of complete skin and hair treatment to everyone. The best thing about this brand is how it believes in the advancement in time and offers a modern solution. No longer do we need the sticky oils and creams when we have beauty products that are mage for our generation. Tricomin offers a variety of products that guarantee hair growth and skin care. They have formulas and serums that will work amazingly for your hair follicles. The promise is hair growth, sustenance and maintenance. Your skin will also feel nourished after a regular use of their products. This is a spa at home!

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